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The complete catalogue of all the spare parts you need


  • Axels

    Complete range of all the axels, of every Brands

  • Bushings - Ball Bearings

    The whole range of bushings and ball bearings of all the Brands

  • Body Kits

    Body kits to assemble and paint and the whole range of body kits' spare parts

  • Rims - Rim inserts - Wheels

    Rims and inserts of all kind and measures and RTR complete wheels

  • Crows - Transmission

    Inline, sidewinder and anglewinder crows for all the models; all the accessories for the transmission of the models

  • Spacers - Stoppers

    All the spacers for axels and for pickups and all the stoppers available

  • Tyres

    All the type of tyres, for any kind of race

  • Nuts - Screws

    All the nuts and the screws, useful to fix rims, crowns and set che car

  • Magnets - Weights

    All kind of ballast to balance your racing model

  • Motors

    The whole catalogue of all the motors in shop

  • Pickup

    The whole catalogue of all the pickups on sell

  • Electrics

    Electrics parts, lighting kits, braids and wires of all the kind

  • Pignons

    Inline, sidewinder and anglewinder pigons

  • Suspensions

    Suspensions and all the accessories for your racing cars

  • Motor Mounts - Adapters

    All the motor mounts and the adapter you need for your racing car

  • Chassis

    The whole range of chassis for every model, accessories and universal chassis

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